Subscriber / Contact Management

Our subscriber / contact management interface allows you to easily add, edit and search through your contact list. You can also view where contacts came from - for example, an import, a signup form, or a competition entry.

Sign-up Forms

Use our simple sign-up form tool to create sign-up forms that can be embedded on your website or as a Facebook application on your Facebook page.

Subscriber Lists (Segmentation)

Categorise your subscribers into groups. You can then target emails and SMS's to a specific subscriber list.

Automated Marketing

With the automated marketing feature you can automate the sending of marketing emails to your subscribers. For example you can send emails to subscribers days or weeks after they have signed up or prior to their birthday, perhaps to offer promotional birthday discounts.

Import Contacts

As well as using the VenueCloud tool to grow your subscriber database using sign-up forms and contests, you can also import your existing contacts in to the VenueCloud system.

Recent Activity

You can easily view the VenueCloud related activity for each subscriber, such as mail campaign opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and also competition entries and shares. This powerful feature is great for determine the potential of any leads you may have in your subscriber database.


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