How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective methods of digital marketing. To ensure you fully benefit from email marketing it is important to ensure that your email list is constantly growing and up to date. This blog post aims to give some tips on how to grow your marketing email list.

1. Add a sign-up form to your website

The most important method of growing your email list is allow sign-ups on your website or blog. Adding a sign-up form to your website is extremely easy. With VenueCloud you can do this simply by copying and pasting 2 lines of code on to your website.

2. Contests and Competitions

Social media is undoubtedly the most powerful and effective online marketing platform. Running a competition helps to improve awareness of your brand, increases the number of followers on your social media accounts, and can also be used to grow your mailing list. With VenueCloud setting up a competition is extremely easy and you can run the same competition on both Facebook and your website, and entrants can be automatically added to your mailing list. Additionally when you run a competition using VenueCloud entrants get the opportunity to share their entries on their Facebook wall and can even be automatically added to a Facebook event. These two features help to ensure you use of the power of viral marketing. 

3. Add a sign-up form to your Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook page you can add your own custom tabs. VenueCloud enables you to add numerous different types of Facebook tabs to your Facebook page. One of the tabs that can be added is a mailing list sign up form. This method does have it's limitations as Facebook does not  support tabs on mobile devices.

4. Provide Engaging Content

You should create a regular, interesting and engaging newsletter that offers value to readers. If your readers find the content useful they are more likely to remain subscribers, and may even share it using email forwarding or sharing it on their Facebook wall.

5. Offline Sign-ups

You can grow your mailing list using offline marketing techniques, for example asking customers to fill in their email address along with comment cards or surveys. Their details can then be entered into a spreadsheet and easily added to your mailing list, using the VenueCloud import tool.

VenueCloud offers a full digital marketing service covering all the above points. Click here to sign up for your free trial.


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